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       Tibet Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Marketing Co., Ltd. was established in September 1997, the Tibet Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary. The company through the GSP certification to run successfully a decade, forming a differential advantage, highlights the surprising pain series of "high-quality, high-tech, high value" characteristics of products, to become the eyes of customers, "the fastest pain, lasting effect, most effective plaster. " For six consecutive years, Qizheng Tibetan Medicine ranked first in the national market for external use, the "Qizheng Xiaotong Plaster" as the representative of the entire series has Qizheng analgesic topical analgesic plaster 18.63 percent market share, "Qizheng "trademark has become well-known Chinese trademarks.

  Tibetan medicine so far more than 2,000 years of history, formed a unique theoretical system and functional efficacy, is rich in other regions incomparable pure natural resources of medicinal plants, Qizheng Tibetan medicine into the dominant industries in 1996 in self began marketing team should be in different periods of the marketing environment, to take a different approach to building marketing network. Qi is the marketing team in the process of opening up the market always adhere to forge ahead and change direction, continuing to specialization forward.

  The company make full use of the characteristics of folk medicine, create cultural marketing and academic marketing model, marketing model to explore the science of traditional folk medicine, through the promotion of positive odd products, medical experts and even led to the perception the market for Tibetan medicine culture, Qizheng Tibetan topical analgesics drugs in the market gradually achieved dominance.

  Faced with changes in the pharmaceutical market, based on supply value chain theory, the company made "BUSINESS win-win" concept, the existing brand on the basis of value for supply chain improvement, in 2007, the company introduced the industry's first creative "strategic cooperation category" theory, by the industry's attention and sympathy. By marketing practice BUSINESS win cooperation model, the company maximizes customer value, also contributed to the cause of sustainable development of Tibetan medicine

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