Human development

Why choose us

Our personnel standards, employing the concept:

  Qi is the talent criteria: recognition of the company's values and mission, to comply with a code of conduct, continuous self-learning and self-stimulate, improve professional ethics and professional competence, and thus outstanding performance.

  Adhere to employees can be hired, promoted or demoted managers, there is rotation of the Tenet plan. Promptly eliminated resolutely do not agree with the corporate culture and can not meet the business development staff and managers. The establishment of internal competition mechanism, to ensure the healthy flow of team managers and staff to ensure that businesses need to be able to attract the best talent in the industry in a timely manner in accordance with their own development to join, to maintain high-quality and high vitality of qualified personnel.

  Adhere to the principle with its long, to avoid its short, do not demand perfection, managers do not delay the development of employees do not condone people around, not everyone wrong.


     Qi is to provide as many career development opportunities for staff, through the establishment and improvement of the qualification system, through effective training and education, continue to stimulate the potential of employees, improve the ability of employees to lifelong learning, to enhance the comprehensive quality of the staff, so expanding career development.