Human development

Training and Development

Training Concept

  • Training over, can be implemented through the work and take their own life goals employees 

   • Training courage, able to bear the spirit to overcome difficulties and solve problems of staff

  • Training skills, superb skills and a reasonable way to accomplish the tasks of staff

   Training cooperation, we can get the trust and friendly staff team

   Staff training is surprising is able to be admitted in any public place, and has good skills and overall quality, a sense of responsibility and professional ethics, there is the pursuit of life, can provide power for enterprise development personnel


  Training objectives

  · Competency: Based on the company policy and strategic objectives, and tireless efforts to cultivate talents needed for the long-term development, the enterprise into a one school to nurture talent
    • Training system: through the implementation of the training system building and training programs, improve production efficiency and engage in competitive talent
   · Self-improvement: providing ways and means of self-learning to help employees create a personal competitive advantage
   · Learning environment: to create a true learning organization, to create the atmosphere of the learning environment
   · Potential Development: Let individual employee goals with corporate objectives of integration, in maximizing the potential of each employee, continued to improve personal and social values employees

  education system

      • Training system: trained by the Human Resources AG unified planning under the guidance of training systems and training programs, and various functional departments and entities work together.
     · Training form: full-time training, on the job coaching, online training, self-development
     ·Training Courses:

   Company System Culture Tibetan medicine product knowledge knowledge of business etiquette Teamwork Time Management
Professional skills training:
Production and manufacture and sale of financial markets registered Legal Human Resources Information Management
Management Skills Training:
Project Management Plan, Budget and Management Control Team Leadership
· Trainer: Internal Lecturer Adjunct Lecturer
· Training points system

Employees participate in various training after passing the evaluation, depending on the course can earn points, points in the odd employees are participating in the training thoroughly documented. Annual accumulated points is the number one reference standard employee promotion or promotion. Different categories of staff integration requirements vary. Buyers can specify the "training integral management system."