Qizheng Tibetan Medicine was named 2014 Global Compact China Best Practice Case Award



Ms. Chen Ping, vice president of the company Pictured, Secretary to the Board to accept the award.

The picture shows the 2014 Global Compact China Network Annual Conference 2014 of the Global Compact China best practice awards site.


  February 10, the UN Global Compact China Network released "2014 Global Compact China best practices" Tibet Qizheng Tibetan Medicine (002,287) Co., Ltd. and BASF, Nestle, China Petroleum (601857), the national grid, Huawei, HNA Group total of 25 multinational and large state-owned enterprises were honored on the same stage.

  United Nations Global Compact in 2000 and was officially launched at United Nations Headquarters, called on companies to abide by ten principles in human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption, and called for global enterprises to comply with a common value of standards and the implementation of a set of necessary social rule. Global Compact China Network is a regional network duly authorized United Nations Global Compact, established in China, the existing 270 corporate members. China Network held annually since 2012 China Best Practice Award in recognition of compliance with the spirit of the Global Compact, with Chinese characteristics and corporate social influence and promote the value of outstanding enterprises.

  As a western ethnic Tibetan areas dedicated to the modernization of SMEs, Qizheng Tibetan Medicine as early as 2004 that is to join the United Nations Global Compact, and by promoting the development of national drug industry, long-term mechanism to nurture Practice Tibetan areas, He appeared in the "2013 global Compact China best practices."

  In 2014 due to "labor and employment and rights protection" aspect of the practice of re-award reflects the company vision and social responsibility to actively explore the road. Global Compact China Network describes the selection of best practices, he said: enterprise development in ethnic minority areas, not only faced with weak industrial base situation, the relative lack of talent and also face language and cultural barriers, how to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises through continuous technological innovation , as well as through the integration of ethnic and cultural personnel training personnel actively build multi-ethnic, lay the foundation for sustainable development of enterprises, Qizheng Tibetan Medicine made a useful attempt.

  On the day of the awards ceremony, Qizheng Tibetan Medicine, Vice President, Secretary of the Board Ms. Feng level as the business representatives introduced the company to promote industrial progress and labor and employment practices and the protection of the interests of the minority areas several levels.

  In promoting industrial progress: the Qizheng Tibetan Medicine of the modern pharmaceutical concept, the introduction of technology and process equipment to ethnic minority areas, to solve common key technical problems faced by Tibetan medicine production, leading the overall upgrading of industrial technology to meet the modern consumer demand; to modern research and development requirements specification, quality standards and upgrade traditional Tibetan medicine, modern medicine to carry out clinical tests, and actively explore the marketing model modern Tibetan medicine, Tibetan medicine industry push into the vast mainland market, in order to achieve value creation and value of the market.

  Employment and labor rights protection aspects: First, continuous innovation to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises and industrial advantages to provide stable employment opportunities for staff, which is the business practice of labor and employment and the protection of rights and interests of the premise and foundation. As of 2013, the company achieved operating income of 969 million yuan, tax 202 million yuan in Tibet, a total of nearly 10 billion yuan in Tibet tax, employs 1452 people; Second, the company constantly improve the mechanism to attract talent and training to local personnel training and digging in with the introduction of talent equally important position in the realization of talents localization at the same time, the company also difficult to obtain the key technical personnel and senior management personnel positions in Tibetan areas, taking rotation with the local dispatch Mainland talents combination mode, in addition to the company in the recruitment priority to local residents. In 2013, the company has minority employees 246 people, in the Tibetan areas of the senior management team, managers from the region accounted for 90 per cent; the third is the company employees as the greatest wealth has always been concerned about the quality of life of employees, and focus on the spirit of respect for employees, provide for the cultural beliefs of minorities platform and ethnic festivals into the company's welfare system.

  Qizheng Tibetan Medicine effort and practice in employment and labor rights protection, but also to get the community's positive assessment and approval. The company has won the "national model worker", "National Model harmonious labor relations enterprises", "Care for employees to achieve a win-win," the title of advanced enterprises, some of the staff in Tibetan areas was "excellent staff love enterprise", "National Knowledge based workers outstanding individuals "and other honors. At the same time, the company chairman, Ms. Lei Jufang, also due to lead the company in respect of employment and labor rights protection efforts and dedication, was "caring staff outstanding private entrepreneurs" honor.

  In addition, the vice president Qizheng Tibetan Medicine, the Secretary of the Board Ms. Feng Ping also social responsibility platform for Tibetan medicine made a presentation system, not only for the participants to practice social responsibility Qizheng Tibetan Medicine affirmed, but also on Tibetan medicine a new understanding, and had a keen interest in Tibetan medicine for the dissemination and exchange of culture to explore new platforms.

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