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  Tibetan Tibet Linzhi Yu Extension Limited Liability Company

  Tibetan Tibet Linzhi Yu Extension limited liability company (hereinafter referred to Lin Zhiyu Billiton) is a subsidiary of the Tibet Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd., was established in September 2003. Lin Zhiyu Billiton engaged in traditional Tibetan medicine production, with flu pills, Qingfeizhike balls 28 varieties, including some non-prescription drugs since the market has a good reputation.

  Lin Zhiyu Billiton located in Tibetan medicine resources are very abundant in the southeastern Nyingchi, the local varieties as many as 3,500 kinds of medicinal herbs, and most of the rare and precious medicinal herbs, known as & ldquo; natural biological resources Museums & rdquo; said, according to "the Tibetan herbal medicine contained in the records, "80 percent of Tibet's Nyingchi medicines produced for the development of Tibetan medicine industry provides a sufficient guarantee for raw materials.

  Qizheng Tibetan Medicine conducted years of exploration and research the existence of traditional Tibetan medicine production process bottleneck problems, successfully developed a fully automated powder Pill technology, cryogenic grinding technology and other advanced pharmaceutical technology, research and development, manufacturing of professional innovation gathering system ability. Wherein the first oral formulation of Tibetan film coating process, changed the traditional Tibetan medicine for thousands of years the big, black, rough appearance; continuous automatic braking nuclear technology to solve the Tibetan medicine pills pill weight variation and dissolution of Industrial Generic scattered difficult technical problems, and gradually form a complete set of technology, advanced technology and effective integration of the pharmaceutical production of Tibetan medicine in practice, the process of modernization of traditional Tibetan medicine, Tibetan medicine green manufacturing processes to establish the foundation.

  Lin Zhiyu Billiton Torquay Tibetan Medicine by platform level enterprise technical centers, and actively explore and introduce modern methods and means of advanced science and technology, and strictly follow the traditional manufacturing practices and current national standards, as always, committed to the development produced safe and effective, controllable quality , easy to take, adapt to the international mainstream medicine market demand, and has innovative features modern Tibetan medicine, Tibetan medicine industry as a whole to enhance the core competitiveness and continue to contribute.



  Gansu Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd

  Gansu Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd. Tibet Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, was established in September 1999, is Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Guangcai investment projects in Gansu. The company developed the production of medicine and pharmacology, medicine Pieces. Publisher Qizheng analgesic family of products, iron bars hammer pain ointment, wet as the injury, etc., processing & ldquo; Qizheng Xiaotong Plaster & rdquo; Tibetan and other patch and capsules.

  The company currently employs more than 280 people, including Tibetan national experts, doctors, master more than 10 people, more than 50 engineering and technical personnel, formed a high-quality research and management team.

  The company has a number of national patents, developed the new system affixed Xiaotong Plaster device number of national patents, Tibetan medicine pills automated production process has been applied for national patents. All the company's production lines have passed the GMP authentication, traditional Tibetan medicine, medicine Pieces of modern production to establish a solid quality assurance system.

  Since founding the company, we continue to be established through the development of technological innovation-oriented industries, with manufacturing innovation system competitiveness, relying on full innovation management mechanism, focus on innovation and new technologies with independent intellectual property rights, new equipment, through independent innovation, integrated innovation, the introduction of absorption and innovation, the modern pharmaceutical technology and advanced technology applied to traditional Tibetan medicine production among the leading industry progress and strive to build advanced productivity Center. Created in terms of cost, quality, delivery period and other industry-leading standards, reflecting Qizheng analgesic family of & ldquo; high-tech, high-quality, high-value & rdquo; characteristics. Company technical personnel vacuum is applied to the material, ultrasonic welding, automatic continuous production of stickers and other technology, independently developed the international advanced level of paste made one machine to achieve the industrial production Qizheng Xiaotong Plaster. In 2008, the company was identified as the Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Department of Gansu Province Tibetan Engineering Technology Center.

  In the process of continuous innovation, the company has accumulated a comprehensive ability to solve technical problems common key industries in an organic increase productivity levels, and implementing the concept of energy conservation aspect highlights the role model industry, to create a new generation of Tibetan medicine has laid a green manufacturing process basis.

  Company as Gansu Province Key Guangcai projects, since the operation, has always Bingcheng Qi positive & ldquo; good deeds altruism, the right way is the industry & rdquo; spirit of enterprise, conduct national medicine, relentless pursuit of integrity, and provide the pharmacological sciences, safe and effective use pure material, Tibetan medicine, medicine Pieces easy to use, to create a good efficiency, ease the employment pressure on the local, effectively promote local economic development, Qizheng Tibetan medicine has become widely influential in the field of Tibetan medicine and human health , by the customer trust, respect and love of enterprise employees and make unremitting efforts.



  Gannan Tibetan Temples Co., Ltd

  Gannan Tibetan temples, Ltd. was established in 1998, Tibet Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, the existing Tibetan medicine powder, water pills, capsules and the like number of production lines. Temples Founded in & ldquo; eight registered trademark mainly with & ldquo;; & rdquo white antelope pills, Ershiwuwei turquoise pill & rdquo; and other 30 varieties, including exclusive products with independent intellectual property & ldquo; red flowers wishful pill & rdquo; and & ldquo; benevolence Qingmang sleep capsule & rdquo; two, four varieties of national Chinese medicine to protect species, three species into OTC directory.

  Temples company in August 2000 to obtain GMP certification, becoming the first GMP certification by the Tibetan medicine production enterprises. Products application of modern pharmaceutical equipment and testing equipment in accordance with the GMP standard production, while the parallel use of traditional Tibetan medicine gun moxibustion process method to achieve a combination of traditional Tibetan medicine techniques and high-tech means, both to ensure the authentic traditional Tibetan medicine pure, clean, classic heritage and a significant effect, but also gives the appearance of modern traditional Tibetan medicine, adapted to the needs of modern life. The company developed and marketed film coating products, to fill gaps in the Tibetan film coating; development of tablet production, breaking the original forms of Tibetan medicine, Tibetan medicine to achieve a historic reform of the dosage form.Consumer Q & A

  The company won the white balls Part Tibetan Gifts "Hong Kong's first World Chinese Invention Expo Gold"; the company implemented the "New Tibetan water pills, capsules, high-tech industrialization demonstration project" was included in the State Planning Commission, "Modern Chinese medicine industry special plan ";" new Tibetan - Ershiwuwei turquoise pill "by the national Science and technology as" 2000 national torch program "; the company achieved a fusion of modern pharmaceutical production technology and advanced production methods and production of Tibetan medicine to improve the quality standards of Tibetan medicine and the ability to enter the market. Gansu Province, the company received "Ninth Five" outstanding technological transformation projects, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission was named "National sentinel supplies business."



  Beijing white Maqu Peru Cultural Development Co., Ltd

  Beijing white Maqu Peru Cultural Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as white Maqu Peru) Tibet Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, was established in April 2005. White Maqu Tibetan health and cultural heritage of Peru, followed Qizheng Tibetan Medicine "altruistic good deeds, the right way is the industry" values, advocating a return to natural health concepts, so authentic Tibetan medicine bath successfully landed Beijing.

  White Maqu Peru uphold traditional Tibetan medicine culture and to discover the ancient Oriental peoples and promote the health of profound wisdom. Traditional Tibetan medicine the human body and mind as a whole, focusing on human health in balance body, mind and various elements of Tibetan medicine health science approach to health care, including herbs, hot stone massage, medicated bath detoxification conditioning, yoga asana, personal the deployment of the diet, psychological adjustment and environmental adjustments in curing various diseases of civilization associated with stress as well as arthritis, hypertension, gastrointestinal problems, chronic inflammation in vivo, etc. there are more success stories. White Maqu secret that the future of medicine will be oriental traditional medicine and Western medicine integration, inclusive Yang of its length of more sophisticated medical, medicine of the future will replace part of the hospital in the form of "health garden", will become the new general medical medical model to prevent regulate the body's balance, the body's own healthy glow vitality will become the focus of medical treatment will be accepted health protection joyful experience.

  White Maqu Peru established by virtue of Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Tibetan medicine expert system and the research team, according to Tibetan Medicine Torquay created patent Tibetan medicated bath preparations and bath appliances that promote the use of Tibetan medicine bath achieved good results. White Maqu secret Tibetan medicine bath health food raw materials and ingredients from pure, unpolluted Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Tibetan experts carefully modulated by the bath side, combined with traditional Tibetan medicine bath treatment, soil treatment, according to the oil and Tibetan yoga, traditional authentic devotion Tibetan medicine health bath nectar flavors, has brought a healthy new experience for many domestic and foreign consumers.

  White Maqu enshrined secret: "Our bodies are heavenly Pure Land, White Maqu Peru is sprinkled on the nectar of Pure Land", with Tibetan nectar flavors health care bath Pure Land, with five parties element health meals nourishment pure land, but also love life urban people with physical and mental health. (Put pictures)



  Qizheng (Beijing) Traditional Tibetan Medicine External Treatment

  Research Institute Co., Ltd

  Qizheng (Beijing) Research Institute of Traditional Tibetan Medicine External Treatment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned shares is surprising, it is adhering to ancient Tibet Tibetan medicine and life sciences culture, heritage Oriental wisdom of life, combined with modern environment, development of human health.

  The traditional Tibetan medicine culture, innovation cleverly integrated into modern life is the responsibility and mission of the Institute.


Qizheng (Beijing) Research Institute of Traditional Tibetan Medicine External Treatment in technology, business leaders attached Qizheng Tibetan Medicine technology research and development headquarters, but also to expand and extend Qizheng Tibetan Medicine technology research and development institutions. As Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine, not only has a long history, a complete theoretical system, sound, and its unique characteristics of drug therapy, as well as a significant effect pure source of the drug to get people's recognition and trust.

  External Therapy Institute in Kindle patented product - medicated bath nectar flavors unique particle effects, in the treatment of gout, rheumatism, rheumatoid, intractable skin diseases, especially metabolic disorders and senile regressive lesions It has a unique and significant effect.

  Gomi nectar dipping the granular product advantages:

  Herbs Source: based on the growth cycle is long, long time snow-covered plateau region original vegetation sunshine and retain their active ingredients, and the seed based drug formulations in strict accordance with the principles of Tibetan medicine three due to the doctrine of the Holy Land acquisition in Tibetan medicine.

  Production process: After collecting herbs after screening, pure clean spring water in the local river or wash, then into the GMP production workshop, formulated in accordance with strict proportions, boiling extraction, through low-temperature drying process to maintain its unique activity ingredients.

  Processing methods: According to the Tibet Autonomous Region Food, Drug Administration issued the "Tibet Autonomous Region Tibetan medicine processing norms", the traditional Tibetan medicine processing methods, the herbs, add boiling water three times, each time for an hour, while collecting volatile oil, fry were combined , filtered, and the filtrate was concentrated to the amount, spray drying, adding the volatile oil, mix, that is made of particles.

  External Treatment Research Institute Tel: 88028048/88028026

  External treatment Institute Address: West Third Ring Road in Beijing's Diaoyutai Villa 8 Building 4



  Tibet Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd Marketing

  Tibet Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Marketing Co., Ltd. was established in September 1997, the Tibet Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary. The company through the GSP certification to run successfully a decade, forming a differential advantage, highlights the surprising pain series of "high-quality, high-tech, high value" characteristics of products, to become the eyes of customers, "the fastest pain, lasting effect, most effective plaster. " For six consecutive years, Qizheng Tibetan Medicine ranked first in the national market for external use, the "Qizheng Xiaotong Plaster" as the representative of the entire series has Qizheng analgesic topical analgesic plaster 18.63 percent market share, "Qizheng "trademark has become well-known Chinese trademarks.

  Tibetan medicine so far more than 2,000 years of history, formed a unique theoretical system and functional efficacy, is rich in other regions incomparable pure natural resources of medicinal plants, Qizheng Tibetan medicine into the dominant industries in 1996 in self began marketing team should be in different periods of the marketing environment, to take a different approach to building marketing network. Qi is the marketing team in the process of opening up the market always adhere to forge ahead and change direction, continuing to specialization forward.

  The company make full use of the characteristics of folk medicine, create cultural marketing and academic marketing model, marketing model to explore the science of traditional folk medicine, through the promotion of positive odd products, medical experts and even led to the perception the market for Tibetan medicine culture, Qizheng Tibetan topical analgesics drugs in the market gradually achieved dominance.

  Faced with changes in the pharmaceutical market, based on supply value chain theory, the company made "BUSINESS win-win" concept, the existing brand on the basis of value for supply chain improvement, in 2007, the company introduced the industry's first creative "strategic cooperation category" theory, by the industry's attention and sympathy. By marketing practice BUSINESS win cooperation model, the company maximizes customer value, but also to promote the sustainable development of Tibetan medicine industry.



  Gansu Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd Marketing

  Gansu Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Marketing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Gansu Qizheng Marketing) was founded in September 2007, the registered capital of 500 million yuan in Tibet Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, the main business for Tibetan medicine, Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine wholesale and retail.

  Tibetan medicine is a treasure yet to be developed for human health, Qizheng Tibetan Medicine found a traditional Tibetan medicine to the modern market success golden key, specialized academic marketing and cultural marketing combination of innovative marketing model, the formation Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Brooad market power. Marketing Gansu Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd. in the past on the marketing advantage, relying on the advantages of Gansu authentic Chinese herbal medicine and Tibetan medicine resources, continued to highlight Qizheng pain series of "high-quality, high-tech, high value" characteristics of products, strengthen brand market advantage, the continuation of the company's continued ability to brand building, since its inception, steady growth.

  Gansu Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Marketing Co., Ltd. will be based on the marketing strategy, and constantly improve the professional level, increased marketing network construction, adhere to the direction of progress and change, constantly move to specialization, enhance the level of marketing management, sales continued to improve.