About us

Vision and Mission

Hongzhuan Jian Kang Zhihui  Regression body and mind at ease
Qi is advocating living wisdom Asian peoples for thousands of years,
Committed wisdom tradition and innovation blend;
Qi is the pure love of natural snow-covered plateau,
We committed to maintaining clean and sustainable development of coexistence;
Qi is the profound wisdom and pure culture potent natural resources, developed benefiting human pharmaceutical products;
Qi is the spirit of the era of innovation and sustainable development, bless comfortable life return to health.


Become a leader in the field of traditional medicine specialties
Become loved by the staff, customer trust, social respect, investors benefit from longevity business
Because of our efforts, one day, regardless of color, ethnic equality and good faith of people willing to share the culture of the extraordinary achievements of Tibetan medicine;
Because of our efforts, one day, natural medicines and health products from the plateau with its unique concept of health and profound effect, allow people to return to a great and simple way of physical and mental health.

Core values:
The right way is the industry altruistic good deeds
We are committed to the core values of business practices lay the fundamental ability to create more and better jobs regarded as the largest social reality altruistic good deeds of corporate behavior. We are concerned about the survival of state employees, continue to implement energy saving in production and management, environmental protection measures, and actively respond to global climate change, resource-saving and environment-friendly. Participation in social welfare and poverty alleviation projects, to develop labor skills, improve education, health care quality-oriented investment direction, establish inter-regional long-term investment mechanism. Through social responsibility system to maximize impose a positive impact on society, while reasonable commercial reap the rewards, corporate altruistic good deeds of the inevitable choice.