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      Tibet Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd. (Qizheng Tibetan Medicine) is the largest Tibetan medicine production enterprises, mainly engaged in new Tibetan medicine research and development, production and sales, now has a GMP pharmaceutical companies, GSP marketing companies wholly owned and controlled 16 subsidiaries, with 73 drug approval number, covering cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, gynecological disorders in areas such as product, which QIZHENGXIAOTONGTIE paste anointed as the representative of the topical analgesic drugs that have been sold for many years, clinical effective rate, for seven consecutive years ranked China first topical analgesics market, ranking first OTC medicine surgical products list the top class, non-prescription drugs among key brands.
      Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Tibetan medicine industry focused, committed to traditional Tibetan medicine inheritance and innovation, the creation of China's first brand of topical analgesic market, and tap the potential of the unique plateau in drug safety, efficacy and quality, so that products continue to enter the mainstream market, Volkswagen medical institutions, have a positive impact on people and society. Known as the Glorious Cause of China Tibet banner science and technology, we are committed to the traditional Tibetan medicine inheritance and innovation, after ten years of development, the Millennium explore successful model of modern Tibetan medicine into the market, forming their own core strengths: & nbsp; excellent brand building, leading the channel marketing, research and innovation of new products to protect reserves, rich Tibetan resources, detailed studies of modern medicine, the quality of financial position and rich cultural heritage. Qizheng Tibetan Medicine has external analgesics Plaster first Chinese brand products. August 28, 2009, Qizheng Tibetan Medicine first issued A shares in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange trading formally.

      In the tradition of innovation on the basis continue to receive social recognition, leading product Xiaotong Plaster won: National Science and Technology Progress Award, the Geneva International Invention Gold Award, medicine to protect species, the State Secrecy breeds; Enterprise won: the first national innovative enterprises national torch plan Key High-tech enterprises, state-level enterprise technical centers, national & ldquo; Eleventh five-Year & rdquo; symbol technology support program key project implementation units, the company has 98 patents, of which 77 approved patents, 73 medicines there are nine exclusive varieties, five Chinese medicine to protect species.
      Qizheng Tibetan Medicine by & ldquo; good deeds altruism, the right way is the industry & rdquo; practice core values, and open up the way for Tibetan medicine industry in innovation and development, and create a national drug harmonious enterprise business model, among 2004 Chinese private enterprises pay taxes one hundred strong 66 strong, for several years to become the government's recognition of the integrity of corporate tax, industrial development led by local economic progress.Consumer Q & A